Ep. 9: Revolutionizing Fitness with Fitness Entrepreneur and Founder of Well-Fit, Warren Gendel

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

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"Once you succeed at one thing, you are more likely to succeed again." - Warren Gendel

Warren Gendel is a fitness genius.

Growing up he was a high-level multi-sport athlete, who quickly fell in love with the body. The way it moves to the way it looks. The fact you can build muscles was fascinating to him. With inspiring and creative idols like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jacques Cousteau growing up it helped him develop a clear vision of what he wanted to look like and who he wanted to ultimately become.

Throughout college in Santa Barbara, Warren was a personal trainer and fitness director of large corporate health clubs, while simultaneously prepping, competing and winning in multiple bodybuilding competitions. Not to mention all while attending classes and completing his college degree. Talk about commitment, sacrifice, dedication and focus! Amiright!?

With everything Warren learned while down south, he moved back up north and went onto build multiple fitness business empires. One of which was a youth fitness franchise (Fitwize 4 Kids) that turned into 70 locations in 16 states and two countries.

Warren is a real fitness entrepreneur. Everyone wants to be titled an "entrepreneur" these days, but they don't want to hustle. By themselves. When nobody is watching. It gets lonely and often times it's you vs you. This is when Warren wins. This is how he created his next innovation.

Warren has been developing what's known today as Well-Fit. Well-Fit is Revolutionizing Fitness. It's a three-division company that consists of the following:

- Fitness amenity design and supply

- Development, Management and Ongoing Operations of fitness businesses

- Onsite Corporate Wellness

From helping build and scale very successful high-end boutique health clubs like SonomaFit, to partnering with international corporations such as IBM, Lennar Homes, and Rockhill Management Group. Well-Fit has momentum and is on a mission to impact as many people around the globe as possible. It's business model is designed to operate anywhere in the world.

You can learn more by visiting www.wellfitbayarea.com and contact Warren today if you have any questions.

Once you start listening to this episode, you'll quickly feel the passion Warren has for the fitness industry and your overall well-being. He has a burning desire to educate and inspire as many of you to live life to its fullest by mastering your mindset. Mindset, mindset, mindset.

He drops a ton of fire for you, so be sure to grab a pen and notepad and make some notes! This one can change your life. If you let it.

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