Ep. 8: Nutrition is Nonsense | Fire Round

"One must eat to live. Not live to eat."

- Moliere

Did you know the fitness industry is a $20+ billion dollar industry?

Did you also know that the world is more obese than it's ever been?

How is this possible?

We dive into that and a whole lot more on this episode of the Fire Round on the Health Before Fitness Podcast.

Some of the topics we discuss are the following:

- How most of us want what we want right now more than what we want tomorrow

- The facts behind all of these food fads and how to navigate through them safely

- Why food fads work, but don't work at the same time

- Is it possible to blend your current lifestyle with your new goals? In other words, can you have your wine and your abs at the same time!?

- Is it possible for you to create an everlasting, healthy relationship with food? Or is it too late?

- Finally discover your specific nutrition goals. This exercise could be the key to unlocking your life struggles.

You need your nutrition to align with your mission. If your nutrition doesn't align with your mission you'll never achieve the mission!

So, what's your mission? What are you striving for every single day?

Base your nutritional needs on that.

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