Ep. 7: Look Where You're Going | Fire Round

"A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at."

- Bruce Lee

What are you aiming at?

How do you know where to aim?

What if you aren't aiming at anything at all?

How do you know where you're going if you don’t know where you’re aiming?

How do you know what to be excited about when you wake up everyday if you don't know where you're going?

Welcome to the very first round of the Fire Round on the Health Before Fitness Podcast. These Fire Rounds will be anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes where we're dropping fire on the latest, hottest, trending topics in the health & fitness space.

There's a lot of misleading information, controversial discussions, and it often leads us in the wrong direction. This results in us getting discouraged because we're not seeing the progress, nor know what to measure. It leads us to lose momentum, and ultimately ends up in us quitting. Yet again. Which is what I like to call the, "hamster on the wheel" approach. You're working real, real hard but you're not going anywhere.

Don't you want to work real hard and see the fruits of your labor?

Don't you want to make sacrifices and see the benefits from those sacrifices?

Then why don't we ever look where we're going?

Why don't we look in the mirror and ask ourselves the tough questions?

Why do we run across the crosswalk without looking both ways?

Here’s my advice, “LOOK WHERE YOU'RE GOING!”

It's time to remove the white noise, distractions, and nonsense and help you better understand what exactly you need to focus on in order to reach the goals you say you want to achieve. It's time to create clarity on your life vision.

And that’s exactly what these Fire Rounds are all about.

Today’s episode is all about paying attention to where you look. If you look right, you're going to go right. If you look left, you'll end up going left. You go where you look. So, be careful what you look at and make sure it aligns with your Massively Transformative Purpose. Your MTP. In other words, WHY do you wake up everyday?

Stop looking to others for YOUR answers. You need to look at yourself. You're the only one who truly knows what makes that heart tick.

Don't you want to be excited to wake up another day?

Don't you want to have specific goals so you know exactly what you need to do everyday in order to be on pace to ever achieving the goals you set?

This could be personal, family, financial, health, or spiritual goals. Whatever is speaking to you right now.

Ask yourself, "What do I need to do right now, this very moment, in order for me to get one step closer to my goal?"

When you know that answer, and you know that you're willing to commit fully to this goal, everything in your life changes. Now you're being pulled out of bed by this energy because you're just so excited to do what it takes to achieve these goals.

You know along the way there's going to be some tough times, some challenges, some obstacles and some weak moments. But you also know if you dedicate yourself, focus and commit and give your best then you know you will achieve these goals. And along the way, you will transform into the person you ultimately want to become. Not to mention, you'll transform millions of other lives along the way.

For more fire like this be sure to listen to the full episode here:

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