Ep. 6 | Inside the Mind of a Full-Time Bodybuilder with Dave Nunes

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

"They don’t want it bad enough.”

“Back in the day, when I competed everyone brought it. This wasn’t a pageant like it is today. Everyone on stage brought their best.”

“I went in to buy a medium blue Gold’s Gym tank top with gold printing on it. I was embarrassed. Why? Because who wants to wear a medium!?”

If anyone has stayed true to himself since the beginning, it’s Full-Time Bodybuilder Dave Nunes.

Dave got his nickname “Full-Time Bodybuilder” from former 4x Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler. He and Jay became good buddies after my dad asked for Jay to make an appearance at his grand opening for his latest gym, Ironworks Gym in Tracy, Ca. My dad is now one of the only businesses to stock Cutler Nutrition supplements. Jay only sells direct to consumer.

My dad was given this name, because he’s been in the industry his entire life, everything he does has to do with bodybuilding, and running a gym.

Hit feats include having amazing kids 😉, to winning first place in multiple car shows and bodybuilding competitions, opening a fitness franchise, to visualizing and creating his very own hometown family gym with his son, me. It was truly the dream come true. For the both of us.

In this episode, we started with his childhood, and how he ended up being raised by his grandparents. To moving away from his hometown while in the prime of high school, to how he had to learn all instrument music notes even though he only played the drums. He always had to be in something to keep him focused and give him purpose.

He mentioned how he was never nervous when playing in his rock band in front of thousands of fans. He gives credit to his relentless practice which prepared him for those big moments. The preparation is what put the stress and anxiety to ease, he says.

Something he goes into talking about was his early-life depression. He went from being so passionate about cars and car shows, to playing the drums in front of large crowds, to not knowing what he wants to do with the rest of his life. He just had his son, didn’t like his job, didn’t know what he wanted to do, didn’t have a plan nor any idea of what was next. Ever been there? Be sure to tune in and listen to how he got out of this black hole.

He says he got his responsible work ethic from within. Nobody taught him that diligence and responsibility leads to success. Sometimes you don’t have to be taught something to learn what’s right and what’s wrong.

I had the incredible opportunity to be raised by this man who showed me what passion, dedication, hard work and commitment was all about. If you listened to Episode 1 you heard how I was raised. My living room was a weight room!

My dad turned it into a weight room because he didn’t want to pay for a gym membership when he could buy weights, put them in his house, and have them forever. Sounds genius to me! Haha.

When he began down the fitness road, he says he taught himself. He saw results in two weeks and was hooked. He read the magazines and literally did what the pro’s were doing in those magazines.

An awesome story he told was, one day he went in to Gold’s Gym to buy a tank top, that was the day he met his first professional bodybuilder, Scott Wilson. This guy's shoulders were HUGE, his arms were cartoon-like and my dad had never seen anything like it before. At least not up close and personal. He quickly became intrigued with getting big, training like the pros and transforming his body with the “training” mentality where all he did was talk about lifting, talked about sets, reps and what to do during your rest time.

Scott went onto coaching my dad in his very first bodybuilding competition, which he won.

All the way to bringing a bucket on leg day. Because they planned on pushing themselves so hard they puked. Talk about “old school” right?

He went onto compete in numerous bodybuilding competitions and by the last show he knew he wanted to open his own gym. But, reality kicked in and he realized he didn’t have the funds. But he told himself, “before I die I’m going to own a gym.” And that’s exactly what he did. Multiple gyms actually.

I ask him what he would tell someone who wanted to compete. Or if they were thinking about stepping on stage one day. So if you’ve ever thought about or said you wanted to compete one day, you’ll want to hear this. It might be exactly what you need to hear right now for you to stop thinking and start taking action towards this dream.

He goes into why he decided to open his latest gym, Ironworks Gym and how he’s different than the money-hungry big-box corporate gyms.

He’s very opinionated and has his reasons for thinking the way he thinks. It might not be popular, or how you might think but it’s where he came from and how he’s lived his life thus far. And he’s been very successful at it.

At the end of the day, looking past the old school, intimidating mentality he really is a big soft teddy bear. He is so passionate about helping you achieve your health & fitness goals he’s spending his entire life striving to create environments for exactly that.

Even if he has a “no cell phone” policy, haha. But, seriously.

Dave and I really hope you enjoyed this episode and it hit home for you.

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