Ep. 15: Deconstruction, Reconstruction and Healing with Holly Silva

"The fastest way up, is down." - Holly Silva

Raised on a humble farm in the heart of California, Holly has seen and experienced great beauty as well as unfamothable struggle. From wandering the eclectic streets of Los Angeles to finding her purpose and walking in her prophetic destiny, she’s learned that no great feat was ever achieved without facing the greatest feat of them all: loving the saboteur within.

Her mission is to travel the world speaking and releasing healing into the hearts of women; because the heart is where Love resides and only Love will heal the world.

In this episode we talk about topics like;

  • Why do humans do what they do?

  • The power of Love and where to find it

  • How to let go of your childhood traumas

  • Deconstruction, Reconstruction and Healing

  • The correlation between financial health and soul health

  • Our spending will follow the heart, so be careful where you let the heart go

  • Humans are made of 3 basic components

  • How to find constantly flowing connections that will sustain our happiness and health

  • How to get out of living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of your life

  • Pride will keep us from anything that’s good

  • 3 easy tips you can do right now to get your life back on track

  • This one phrase is NOT true regardless of what you might’ve heard

  • The fastest way up, is down

  • And so much more!

If you would like to learn more about deconstructing, reconstructing, and/or healing wounds from past tragedies, injuries, or experiences then Holly would love to hear from you.

She's not only the most qualified individual I know for this type of service, but she's also in a place in her life right now where she's looking for people who don't know where to look for help. Financial help. Spiritual help. Personal help. She wants to heal your heart.

I've never had anyone like Holly on the Health Before Fitness podcast yet, and not sure if I'll ever have someone like her on again. She carries special traits and skills that can transform a person's mindset, but more importantly their life!

Now being over 7 weeks into shelter-in-place we're all starting to go a little crazy (if not already). Like I mentioned in the previous episode, when the pandemic first hit we were all experiencing a state of initial adrenaline rushing through our bodies, with everyone scurrying to the stores and freaking out everywhere in the world. To now, the adrenaline rush has subsided and now we're all sitting at home without jobs, without co-workers, without friends, and oh by the way, we literally aren't aloud to leave our homes unless it's for essential reasons. It's no wonder people are going crazy, getting depressed and even committing suicide.

Speaking of suicide, if you didn't know, the suicide hotlines are busier than they've ever been right now! This is a sensitive time, so please be kind to people. You never know what type of struggles they're going through.

If you know of ANYONE who might be struggling during this time more than it may seem...please do them a big favor and share this with them right now.

It might be just what they needed to hear today. It could save their life my friends.

To contact Holly:

Email: thatshollysilva@icloud.com

IG: @thatshollysilva

Listen to episode 15 here:

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Thanks again for listening, we hope you stay home, keep healthy, and be safe!

Love ya.

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