Ep. 14: Habits vs Addictions | Fire Round

We all had a rush of adrenaline after receiving the initial news for shelter in place.

Everyone reads the headlines, runs to the stores, tramples people and grabs twenty packs of toilet paper and hand sanitizers.

More than 6 weeks later, the cortisol levels have steadied, and now the psychological challenges begin to rise. Depression is climbing fast. Faster than we'd like to admit.

People are losing their jobs. Their houses. Their lives. Their minds.

This is the conversation my co-host, Giselle Perata and I had on the latest episode of the Health Before Fitness podcast.

I've received some requests to bring on a co-host for my Fire Rounds. I thought it was a great idea, which is why my girlfriend and quarantine partner, Giselle Perata is joining me today.

We got deep on the topics of Habits and Addictions.

We have good habits, and bad habits. We probably have more bad than we'd like to admit ;)

Then, we have addictions...

Do we have good and bad addictions the same way we do habits?

Did you know...?

Habits are by choice. No matter good or bad habits. Meaning, you have full control over your habits. Choose wisely!

Addictions are neurological and biological. Meaning, you don't necessarily have as much control over these as you do your habits.

So, how do you overcome addictions?

We dive into this, and more on today's Fire Round.

On this quick episode, it sure carries some heat. Giselle drops some fire for you, be sure to screen shot this episode while you're listening and please tag Giselle and myself over on IG. @giselleperata and @shaun.nunes

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