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We, here at Well-Fit are not taking this pandemic lightly and neither should you. Let’s be honest, we’re going to be at-home for quite some time. There’s never been a better time to prioritize your goals, try new things, get active, unwind, eat well, and have some fun with the people you live with.

Let’s keep it really simple, it’s pretty binary. You can either over-analyze what you think is ‘going’ to happen in the future and live in fear. Analysis-by-paralysis. Which ultimately can be our largest obstacle of all. Especially since the outcome and timeline is completely out of our control.

Or, you can stop thinking and just go with the flow based on your environment and circumstances. Play the best hand with the cards you’re dealt. Accept, embrace, strategize, create and innovate. Develop a healthy, structured, well-rounded routine you want to follow to that of which if you follow it you’ll have accomplished what it is you set out to achieve.

Now, let’s discuss what one person needs to incorporate into their daily at-home schedule in order to achieve the staples to one’s health and fitness.

At Well-Fit we teach our coaching staff that without a solid foundation it becomes very difficult for your clients to ever build a large, stable, everlasting home. Which is why we’ve come up with this reflective exercise that will help you develop the first of your four at-home pillars. This first at-home pillar exercise will help you discover WHY you’re waking up each and everyday. This needs to hit home and make you excited. It has to make you want to sacrifice other things because you want to accomplish this so bad.


High performers have a focused mindset that minimizes distraction. That’s increasingly challenging if you’re stuck at home, have kids, pets, and other obstacles to overcome. But high performers understand their unique individual goals and their “IT,” the thing that drives them most, which is what we just discussed a minute ago.

Most of all, they’re constantly looking for ways to be smarter and more efficient in everything they do. Without a proper mindset 24/7, high performance is impossible.

Health & Nutrition

What do you want to accomplish in the next 90-days? Burn body fat? Build muscle? Maintain where you’re at but decrease body fat and increase health? This answer will determine the amount of calories and macros you need.

To pre-determine your calorie/macro needs we will use my most effective and accurate calculations to establish proper calorie/macro budgets. These are the calculations I’ve used for over 20 years. They work every time.

1. To burn body fat take your current body weight, minus 30 (or however much weight you want to lose), take that number and multiply it by 11. That final number is your total daily calorie budget. So you want to try and hit +/- 100 calories each day.

Current bodyweight - 30 x 11 = Daily calorie intake to burn body fat

2. To build muscle take your current body weight, multiple that number by 15, add 500 to that number. That number is your total calorie budget each day. So you want to try and hit +/- 100 calories each day.

Current bodyweight x 15 + 500 = Daily calorie intake to build muscle

3. If you like your current weight, but want to lose the fluff and get healthy then you’ll want to take your current bodyweight and multiply it by 15. That final number is your total daily calorie budget. So you want to try and hit +/- 100 calories each day.

Current bodyweight x 15 = Daily calorie intake to maintain weight

One you have these numbers, decide how many meals each day you want to eat. 3 main meals, 1 snack? 2 snacks...?

Now, how many calories would each meal be if you broke those meals up evenly? For example, 2,000 calories/day at 5 meals = 400 cals/meal. Calculate your numbers.

Next, download the MyFitnessPal app, create an account, enter the results from your calorie and macro calculations into your Goals. Then, go to your diary and start adding your favorite meals. Add the ingredients and portions you want to eat. Once you have added each meal and snack start increasing or decreasing the portions until you hit your calorie/macro budgets. Now, pro tip, carbs and fats don’t matter. Meaning, don’t obsess about those macro %’s being exact. As long as you hit your calorie/protein budgets you’re golden!

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance, meaning let’s get you prepared!

- Establish a grocery list

- Establish meal times

- Always hit the store the day before you run out of something, keep good inventory

- Establish cheat meals throughout the week, develop this “earn them mentality”

- Time your meals around your workouts to maximize performance


Some people have large spaces, others might have a 5x5 square space on their patio, kitchen floor, or living room space. Some people have dumbbells, barbells and a garage gym, others might have whatever they have lying around the house. Broom stick, laundry detergent and a backpack maybe. Next question is, how many workouts are you ready to commit to? The number of days will determine how you structure your workouts. And what are your fitness goals? Your specific fitness goals will determine exactly how you organize your workouts. That’s outside the scope of this episode, but maybe we can discuss that soon. The key here is, establish a workout space, establish your workout gear, commit to a weekly workout schedule, then build out your workouts. The good news here? Which is one of the first exciting announcements I wanted to make, is that we’ve decided to go LIVE. We listened to our audience feedback and realize that you get a lot more value out of the LIVE workouts than pre-recorded. You feel more connected and accountable. So, you talk and we listen. You might’ve received an email yesterday, if not be sure to subscribe to our Well-Fit Weekly newsletter so you can keep up with all things Well-Fit.


What are you doing outside of your workouts and meals? What does your “rest” look like? Is it playing video games? Scrolling Instagram? Watching Netflix and ordering Door Dash? Or is it waking up and going for a walk then stretching? And making sure you’re drinking an adequate amount of water each day? Going to sleep at your non-negotiable bed time? Maybe grabbing the trigger point ball and spending 10-minutes a day with it. Whatever the case, do you have a recovery component included in your daily regimen? The real growth and results occur during rest. It’s when the mind and body repair. Recharge. And upgrade. As I like to call it, it’s when the magic happens! Recovery strategies must be employed throughout your day, week, month and year in order to live the best quality life that life has to offer. Yet, they’re often ignored in our fast-paced culture, where people assume the answer is working longer and harder. Well, guess what? We don’t have that excuse anymore. We’re all stuck at home! We all have the capabilities of creating our “new normal.” High performers know that it’s about working more efficiently, prioritizing recovery, and using it to further fuel successes.

What is the one thing calling you to action right now? All of us have that one thing that drives us most. Let’s discover IT, so we can prepare for IT.

Here at Well-Fit we’re excited to also announce that we have every component mentioned above available to you right now.

To set your goals, to get your mind right, and establish your IT, click here.

To establish your nutrition needs go back up to the Nutrition paragraph and use the appropriate calculations.

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If you have any further questions you can email me directly at: shaun@wellfitbayarea.com

Enclosing my friends, this “new normal” this pandemic, this shelter in place, it’s real. It’s happening. How are you going to respond? Only time will tell. Accept, embrace, strategize, create and innovate.

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