Ep. 11: Hungry 4 Success with Youth Sports Performance Coach and Gym Owner, Jon Combs

"If you give up once, it can become a habit." - Jon Combs

Being born in Puerto Rico, father going to prison when he was in 3rd grade, mother working multiple jobs, and Jon having to help raise his brother he had to grow up quick.  Jon learned how to figure it out.  As he likes to call it, FITFO.

He learned to be independent early on, he is self-aware, knows who he is and want he wants out of life.  He also seems to have a clear understanding of his true purpose on this planet.  Which is mentoring and coaching our youth through health, fitness and sports.  

Jon has entrepreneurship in his DNA. Both his real father and step-father are both artists, creative souls.

Ever since I met him Jon always kept to himself. Never complained, never acted out, and never quit. He always had his head down, he’s always working hard and continues to remain humble. I really admire that about him.

Jon is a former multi-sport high-level athlete, collegiate baseball player, and even went semi-pro. I actually had the opportunity to prep him for his college tryouts.

After finishing college, moving back home, striving for the pro's, he came to a fork in the road where he had to make some tough decisions. Just like most of us who have the dream to go pro.

Having to decide between continuing his dream or taking care of his grandma he chose the latter and hung up the cleats to focus on his career and to provide.

This was when he came to work with me.  He was my top personal trainer/sports performance coach when we had our old gym (Total Performance Fitness Training Center). Jon learned the ins and outs of running his own business within a business.  Jon also became nationally certified as a youth speed performance coach, at Parisi Speed School where he sharpened his performance training craft. I've known Jon since he was a junior in high school.  He always had something special about him.  I knew he was going to go on and accomplish so many amazing things.

Jon now owns and operates Hungry 4 Success Athletics based out of Tracy, Ca.  Which is a 6,400 square foot gym.  It specializes in the following:

- Youth performance coaching

- Youth and adult nutrition and fitness programming, and

- Mindset coaching on how to become your best self

Jon came from nothing and is now on the rise to building a fitness empire.  And today, he explains exactly how he got there.

Jon Combs Instagram

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Email: h4s.athletics@gmail.com

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