Ep. 10: 4 Ways to Be Calm, Prepared and Win During Crisis

First - I pray you, your family and loved ones are all safe and healthy during this wild time.

Please make smart decisions, refrain from going out in large groups, and exposing yourself to the risks.

I know this is a time of uncertainty, concern, and fear.

We aren’t sure when this Coronavirus pandemic will come to and end and we will all be able to get back to our “normal” lives.

So, until then, how do we leverage this current obstacle to where it moves us forward? How do we win in the weak moments? How to we look at this as an opportunity to grow, innovate and get better opposed to the glass being half empty?

Today I’m going to share the four ways to keep calm, stay prepared, and win during this wild time.

“Where you get your hope from is from changing your behaviors” - Margaret Rutherford

I’m sure you’re asking, “so how do I change my behaviors?” Right?

Well, if you’re currently living scared, fearful and anxious right now then this episode is going to be super powerful for you. Even if you feel you have it all together I feel you can gain something from this episode today as well...

Your thoughts become words, your words become actions, your actions dictate your behaviors. So, let’s change our thoughts which ultimately will change our behaviors. When we change our behaviors we change our environment. This changes our hormones, our stress levels and our overall mental and physical well-being. What you think can and will affect your physical state. Not just mental.

This approach allows us to develop this sense of strength and hope we didn’t know existed. This is where hope stems from! This is how we change behavior!

To learn the 4 ways to be calm, prepared and win during crisis listen here:

Thank you so much for joining us on this episode of the Fire Round.

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