Well-Fit brings the workout to you! Indoors or out, at your fitness facility or an offsite retreat (or even your corporate conference room), we deliver a fitness experience that meets the needs and schedule of your team.

Onsite Fitness

Well-Fit team members are masters at producing and delivering workouts to suit all levels of fitness, from fresh-faced beginner to competitively ultra-fit. Regardless of your level, you’ll find our programming to be equal parts challenging, energizing and rewarding.

Companies experience many great benefits from small group personal training, including increased comradery, a built-in support group, more fun, greater achievement of personal goals, greater motivation and the accountability that comes with being a part of a group pursuit.

Our portfolio of small-group workouts are full-body routines that incorporate all muscle groups to improve muscle tone, strength and conditioning—and you continue to burn more calories for hours beyond the exercise.

Our High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) programs kick it up a notch with a full-range of movement at a fast clip to accelerate goal achievement. Whether you’re improving strength, stamina, balance, flexibility, mobility, power or speed, you’ll see immediate, measurable results from these sessions.

Workshops and Lecture Series

In addition to our fitness programs, Well-Fit offers a portfolio of valuable learning and personal wellness events that deliver long-lasting benefits. Participants will gain confidence as they achieve goals and feel empowered to reach for and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Corporations with strong wellness programs realize a healthier and more productive workplace with a stronger culture, greater engagement, reduced absenteeism and improved retention.

Well-Fit offerings include:

  • Corporate Lunch & Learn events

  • Stress management workshops

  • Nutrition seminars

  • Meal planning workshops

  • Customized solutions upon request