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Well-Fit, the leader in wellness and fitness innovation, has worked tirelessly to bring you a virtual experience like never before. 

These aren't just YouTube workouts.  These aren't just live Zoom classes.  This is a wellness program led by a team of professionals with an enormous amount of experience and education that will give you all the tools you need to never have to start over again.

We have it all from beginner strength and fat burning fitness classes, to yoga, all the way to how to make food fast without eating fast food in our nutrition classes with our nutrition expert, Dianne.

Get all the benefits of a one-on-one coaching program, from the comfort of your own home with Well-Fit's team of wellness experts who are excited to meet you!


Available Programs

Well-Fit at Home’s program combines over 80 years of fitness experience to create a program that will help you achieve your fitness goals, not sacrificing success for at home ease. Our program will help you jump-start your fitness journey, or build on momentum you’ve already generated.

Virtual Class Pack



This LIVE wellness program is built upon a foundation of safe, efficient fitness and yoga workouts, plus nutrition classes with expert coaching guidance designed to help you accomplish any goal, from improved health and weight loss, to a dramatic increase in your mobility, stability, and strength. 

Program Benefits

- 12 live fitness sessions per month
- 8 live yoga sessions per month
- 4 live nutrition classes per month
- 7-day onboard process for a fast, smooth start
- Digital material 

Meet your coaches

Your Well-Fit team of wellness experts understand what it takes to create a fun, efficient and complete program that produces results.  Each coach specializes in their own specific areas, they have their individual education and experience so please, scroll down and get to know your coaches!

Stephanie Hammons

Stephanie danced from the age of 2 and started teaching Step classes and personal training at 15 and she never looked back! Turning from a dancer to a fitness professional was a seamless transition and it opened Stephanie up to a world of helping others that fed her soul. Teaching classes is still her passion and getting people to their best self is her purpose.


With the personal struggles she has faced in her life, from battling her weight as a teen to losing weight after having a baby at 45, and her 30 plus years of experience Stephanie has seen it ALL! She has a real life, long term approach to what she teaches and comes from a caring and honest place.

She cannot wait to help you on your journey!


- Weight Loss Specialist

- High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

- Makes working out fun!

Jeremy Sheppleman

Jeremy uses his knowledge he acquired as a 2x professional men's physique athlete and certified nutrition coach to help his athletes and clients learn how to optimize their body composition and aesthetics. This, however, is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to ensure clients are operating at top levels, Jeremy empowers them through his strength and conditioning knowledge by utilizing a “movement not muscles” based system of how to train the body for optimized performance and a decreased risk of injury.  


Having experience working with clients of all levels, from youth and adult, to billionaires and professional athletes, he views health and human performance as four pillars: Mindset, Training, Nutrition, and Recovery. His enthusiasm for coaching within this framework shines through in his ability to teach concepts in a fun and easy to understand tone.


- Human Performance Specialist

- Strength Training

- Injury Prevention

Dianne Wagner 

Dianne has always had a passion for healthy living but as a working single mom she knows that healthy living doesn't need to be complicated. Keeping it simple is the goal. Short-term diets don't work for health, but long-term lifestyle changes do. Stop letting the scale measure your health, stop counting calories and learn to count nutrients.


Join Dianne to learn to eat for immunity, lower inflammation, increase your energy, reduce your risk of disease and above all learn to love your body. With 13 years combined experience as a master trainer and holistic nutritionist she will empower, educate and encourage you to find your personal path to Eating for your Health.


- Weight Management Specialist

- Certified Nutritionist

- Immunity Support 

- Certified Master Trainer

Vivek Sharma

Vivek is a very experienced teacher as well as a life-long student of Yoga. He started his yoga journey as a child growing up in the foothills of the Himalayas, learning chanting, yogic principles and spiritual teachings from his grandfather. Apart from deepening his yoga practice, he also worked with rural Himalayan communities on issues of sustainability and economic empowerment. 

Vivek’s philosophy is not to teach, but to share his passion and knowledge of yoga. His approach to yoga is to focus on building students’ sensitivity, strength and mental clarity through creating an awareness of one's breathing and movement. His aim is to weave this timeless wisdom and practice into our hectic modern lifestyles in order to bring balance, strength and flexibility -- of one's mind, body and soul.


- Master Yoga Instructor

- Flexibility

- Strength

- Mental clarity

- Breathing 

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